Gentle Healing

YVEHER has developed gentle healing programs to assist in overcoming

HEALTH ISSUES                                          ADDICTIONS

YVEHER uses her skills as a trained Demartini Method facilitator, a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, a trainer and an educator with inspirational, motivation skills to facilitate healing in clients.

The BodyTalk System is a unique healthcare modality that addresses the body in a holistic, integrative way. It reestablishes the synchronicity of the body in the priority of order that each individual body requires to function and address any necessary healing. A BodyTalk session leaves the client with a relaxed, general sense of well-being. It is non-invasive, uplifting and completely natural. You can find out more about this wonderful system by going to our contact page to book your session with YVEHER. Every session is based on each client’s specific needs at the time of consultation. Distance sessions are available by special arrangement.

The Demartini Method was developed by Dr John Demartini and is invaluable when addressing addictions, health and self esteem issues. It gently guides the client to a place of balanced perception. Many issues are resolved and after a session the client will find that they have more peaceful sleep and perceive the people and world around them with a renewed sense of deep appreciation. You will find out your own values and will learn how to set goals and achieve them. This is an amazing method and you will discover that you are truly a remarkable human being. This is non-invasive, private and confidential. Start to live the life you truly dream of right now by booking a uniquely tailored session with YVEHER and begin to experience life  once again in a vibrant way.

Each client is assessed as an individual and applicable approaches are discussed. YVEHER has many combinations and applications to offer for a variety of conditions. If necessary, YVEHER will refer a client to another modality.

To make a booking, please go to the “Contacts” page and email a request with your contact details and a booking form with prices will be sent to you. Please write which type of session you would like in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest in YVEHER!

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