YVEHER provides a number of interventions for children with ADD/ADHD, learning
difficulties, anxiety about school, underachievement, reading challenges, mathematics challenges, focus
problems and goal setting. Some Autistic children have experienced improvement through The Brain Train
by doing just two of the exercises daily. Each child is assessed individually in an informal setting to identify needs and challenges. (Due to Covid-19, this will be done with parents/carers present to work with the child using guidance from an online session.)

‘THE BRAIN TRAIN” is an integrated, flexible program that has been developed from neurobic and kinesthetic
exercises. It promotes whole brain learning and restores the left/right integration of the two hemispheres. Focus and posture are improved and participants discover how to link their inherent talents with achieving learning goals.

This is introduced to children and young adults in a safe, non-threatening environment with parents/carers present. This is done online at present due to Covid-19 safety measures. The movements are easy to learn and make a difference on average within two to three weeks. It involves some commitment from parents/caregivers as daily repetition achieves the best results. The interaction with parents/caregivers often increases the impact and positive results of the exercises.

“THE BRAIN TRAIN” program cannot harm your child as it works with natural developmental movements
using the child’s own body. Children experience an improvement in self-esteem and intentional focus. The left/right integration results in improved academic, sporting and social achievements. “THE BRAIN TRAIN” program does enhance creativity, problem-solving ability, achieves a positive outlook, improves general health and relationships in all aspects of life.

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