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Being alone is one of the gifts that life offers a person to assist them in redirecting, rethinking, reviewing or rediscovering. There are so many situations that can be resolved by time spent away from them so as to see them objectively and find a way forward. Many people feel that they need to be […]


In counselling sessions with addicts, Yveher has been able to turn the addict’s perceptions around so that they can find out their true talents and what really fulfills their daily lives. They discover their realistic goals and experience true reward when they accomplish the steps towards them. They come to the realisation that when you allow yourself to become […]

Life is Water

 Life is water Bubbling, blessing, bathing Life is water Shining, sparkling, soothing Life is water Flowing, finding, forming Life is water Creating, crashing, crushing Life is water Pouring, pooling, providing Life is water Caressing, cooling, calming Life is water Raining, rippling, running Life is water Snowing, showering, shimmering Life is water Deep, dark, dangerous Life […]

True Leadership

How is a true leader defined? In many societies there are different factors that make up this definition. The dictionary describes a leader as a person who leads; who is a principal part of something such as the head of a group; one whose example is followed; a guide; a person who influences actions and […]


Within a family there is the fundamental reflection of the society in which it exists. The basic human patterns of behaviour that are not about survival but of social interactions are nurtured. It is a given that within this group it is safe to experiment with reactions to differing circumstances. It is a place where […]


Young adults can achieve their first steps towards their future today! Participation in an YVEHER workshop or session will enable the discovery of individual talents and unique personal values. These can be used to set up various goals and start the realization of dreams. Many teenagers face challenges from all areas of life. When they are […]


What is YOUR truth? Is it the mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship that serves your interests? Or is it the “objective” observations of social atrocities for personal gain using global minds exposed to media? Where is truth consistent? Have your say about this topic by going to YveherAfrica on Twitter.