“You are born with a gift that only you can give to this world. Once you discover
what it is, you will have the energy to live your life abundantly.” YVEHER

Who you are is how true you are to sharing the gift that is within you.” YVEHER

Truly loving relationships inspire gratitude.”YVEHER

Life really happens each moment…there are no mistakes, only enrichment of the
meaning of our own life.” YVEHER

Life is a place where you and others learn to grow and become beautiful through any circumstance” YVEHER

In 1999, YVEHER began assisting adults and children by encouraging them to develop
successful coping skills for the areas in life where they felt most challenged.
These included the areas of learning, social and relationship issues, emotional
crises, addictions, achievement of goals and inspiring individuals and groups to
rediscover creative talent. YVEHER has 40 years of educational, training and
transformation experience.

Concepts and skills acquired in YVEHER seminars, workshops, team-building, as well as
conflict resolution coaching and mentoring have been applied to a wide range of
workplace settings and many businesses have reported the resulting benefits of more
harmonious relationships between colleagues and appreciative, inspired

Each situation is approached with regard to its own unique variables and courses are
individually tailored to meet specific requirements. YVEHER facilitates
professional, exciting presentations which are easily applied to individual or
group environments. YVEHER will present the workshop in your workplace or at a
venue of your choice. YVEHER has presented workshops to school pupils, teachers and                                                   parent bodies in a variety of schools.

YVEHER is able to assist you in the following areas:

Human Behavior, Conflict Resolution, Life/Career/Success Mentoring, Relationships, Addictions, Personal Transformation, Learning Challenges, ADD/ADHD, Therapeutic Art  and Creativity Coaching. “THE BRAIN TRAIN” is a unique series of easily learnt movements and exercises that improve learning achievement, increase focus abilities and develop positive self-esteem; children increase self esteem and are able to learn and cope with school due to targeted interventions in reading and numeracy skills.
YVEHER will help you as an individual to understand and appreciate who you are, discover your innate talents and help you to use these in the place that you find yourself each day so that you are inspired to excel at whatever you choose to do.

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