The Brain Train

THE BRAIN TRAIN  has been developed by YVEHER from kinetic and neurobic movements as well as natural body coordination movements. It is presented in a colourful, exciting way. Children, teenagers and adults learn the movements with ease and can use them in any situation where they feel the need to be more focused, centred and calm. It helps release trauma and  direct motivation. It is an excellent preparation for starting school, relieving anxiety and giving children tools to become independent in the learning situation. Clients take ownership of their stressful situations and learn how to manage themselves.

This program is of great benefit for children with ADD/ADHD and slow development issues. ADD/ADHD pupils are shown special movements to calm down so that they can work productively.

THE BRAIN TRAIN is a completely NATURAL program and works at building  up a level after the set of movements are mastered. Clients receive cards to use as guidelines to do the movements at home. Parents and clients are welcome to discuss or email any queries and receive advice on learning challenges.

There are more tailored programs for children who need to increase reading and maths potential. Each child is assessed and a program is drawn up to develop their confidence in the area of concern.

THE BRAIN TRAIN is recommended for anyone who needs focus, reading skills, numeracy skills and study skills. After each session a client leaves with a sense of wellbeing and increased self-esteem.

Some schools have programs running and this enables more pupils to achieve their potential.

Should you be interested in making a booking, please email with “The Brain Train” in the subject line. We look forward to helping you to help your child achieve their true potential.

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