In counselling sessions with addicts, Yveher has been able to turn the addict’s perceptions around so that they can find out their true talents and what really fulfills their daily lives. They discover their realistic goals and experience true reward when they accomplish the steps towards them. They come to the realisation that when you allow yourself to become infatuated with anything, that is what will dominate your life choices. Yveher gently guides people to a place of understanding, discovering their unconcious motives and helps them to a place of finding their personal drives to voluntarily overcome their fear of change. They understand that their minds have created associations that have allowed them to become addicted to certain things. They discover their inner purpose and carefully begin a new journey where they feel fulfilled and have intrinsic, meaningful motivation to embrace each day with hope and excitment.

 Many people have various forms of addictions. To be addicted is described in the Oxford Study Dictionary as “doing or using something as a habit or compulsively; being devoted to a hobby or interest.” That covers a wide range of possibilities for addictions. I am sure that even as you have read this, you are searching within yourself to uncover what you may be addicted to doing or having. The word “addict” actually comes from the Latin word “addictus” meaning “a person given as a servant to another person to whom he owes money” .

That is what an addiction does. It creates servants that need to fulfill a role that is a result of a perceived need. In some form or other, we are all addicted to something, someone or a habit/routine. People who need to change this will only accomplish that goal if it becomes more meaningful and important than the addiction.

We seek instant gratification and we have a desire for only the good things in life when we allow ourselves to believe that everything, except what we think is good, is not good. In fact, everything has one purpose in life: To help you to become who you really are. Every experience has a purpose and whatever you have experienced will be guiding you to who you are deep within yourself. Ignoring who we are, not appreciating how perfectly we are created, are why some of us look outside ourselves to find our idea of happiness and joy. We often have unrealistic goals and exaggerated negative experiences. These create unbalanced perceptions of our current reality.

There are some simple ways to encourage yourself to change. Everyone in this world only does what they want to do. They do this because it fulfills a need that they perceive is a result of some lack in their lives. We are driven to attain what we think we do not have. We are often blinded to the fact that life is always balanced perfectly, with positives and negatives equally in place. We cannot acknowledge a positive exists unless there is a negative to reveal it. Sometimes we may need assistance to be able to see the other side of our lives, to know that if we focus on lack, that is all we know as our reality.

Find your release by booking with Yveher and discover how to empower your life choices by balancing your perceptions in a relaxed, gentle manner. Email and live your life joyfully, whole again.



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