True Leadership

How is a true leader defined? In many societies there are different factors that make up this definition. The dictionary describes a leader as a person who leads; who is a principal part of something such as the head of a group; one whose example is followed; a guide; a person who influences actions and opinions of others; and a person in control. All of these definitions imply responsibility, integrity and empathy as a given in the character of the leader. Being motivated, driven and a visionary are other facets of the true leader.

To motivate others one needs to be motivated; to inspire others, one needs inspiration; to guide others, one must have a strong vision of the direction that is to be followed; to guide others, one needs to have a strong sense of personal integrity with empathy to ensure that what is being presented is ethical.

True leaders are followed because they lead by example. They have a sure sense of self-worth and their vision is inclusive of all the stakeholders. A true leader is altruistic to a point to maintain the success of the communal vision. Leaders understand that everything is an energetic metamorphosis which embraces change and growth. Each day is seen as an opportunity for many different new developments. There are no setbacks that are negative – they are opportunities for a renewed approach to the vision. For true leaders, change is the door that opens to invention.

What motivates leaders like this? Many have aligned their personal values to their objectives and this has kept them driven, intrinsically motivated and fulfilled in their careers. They have a constant curiosity for all that they discover in their environments and thrive on knowledge. They keep open minds so that they are not restricted by old theories about life, and they measure new information against experience and research. Being on the cutting edge of the latest modes and trends means that true leadership is relevant to all levels in their respective industries.

Leaders embrace the whole package of life, recognizing that there is always a perfect balance, and they are not easily disappointed. They have the ability to view the whole timeline and observe the patterns in all aspects of life. This enables them to be patient, wise and make sound decisions. They weigh the issues of life in scales of justice and fellowship. They plan ahead to preserve the future generations.

A true leader leads from the heart, with a mind of integrity, focused on a goal that followers have bought into. Respect is earned for this leader because people need to aspire to someone worthwhile, who represents all the good values and lights the way to self-fulfillment in such a way that followers are inspired to do their best always.

Parents are often found to be true leaders when they align all that is meaningful to them with all that they dream of for their children.

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