Learning Challenges/ADD/ADHD

Yveher can provide your child with a gentle environment to approach learning without stress. Bookings are now open for a small group of children to create a platform for their future learning experiences. Yveher will teach your child through appropriate situations, making learning a reality. Make sure that your child is ready to begin formal schooling and help those that are at formal school to have a positive, enriching experience. Your child can acquire skills to improve reading and maths ability. The approach is what makes the difference.

Help your child to thrive in 2012 and express your interest by emailing Yvette on yvette@yveher.com

Make sure that your child retains their inner joy while they learn. Yveher specializes in equipping children from 5 years to 16 years with tools to enhance and facilitate learning. She has 32 years of experience in education and training. Her heart’s desire is to bring joy back to learning for children who may find challenges in adapting to a classroom situation. The venue is in Lonehill, near Fourways in Johannesburg and parent workshops are offered to support the learning experience at regular intervals.

Life is made for you to bank happy memories. May your child enjoy many happy memories while discovering true learning.

Take a look at www.yveher.com and explore the whole realm of possibilities that could assist you and your child in this important journey. Visit the Contacts page and email yvette@yveher.com

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