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Learning Challenges/ADD/ADHD

Yveher can provide your child with a gentle environment to approach learning without stress. Bookings are now open for a small group of children to create a platform for their future learning experiences. Yveher will teach your child¬†through appropriate situations, making learning a reality. Make sure that your child is ready to begin formal schooling […]

Life is Water

¬†Life is water Bubbling, blessing, bathing Life is water Shining, sparkling, soothing Life is water Flowing, finding, forming Life is water Creating, crashing, crushing Life is water Pouring, pooling, providing Life is water Caressing, cooling, calming Life is water Raining, rippling, running Life is water Snowing, showering, shimmering Life is water Deep, dark, dangerous Life […]

Boundaries for Children

Children are exposed to such a variety of stimuli and this creates an environment of noise that requires skills to distinguish the relevant sounds for an appropriate situation. An example of this would be a child arriving at school from a stressful trip through traffic in a car filled with loud music and many voices. […]

Completing the year

Taking stock of a year is one of the most useful things to do for yourself. Life will have provided you with many opportunities to learn about who you are and who you would like to become during this busy year that is now coming to its end. It may be good to draw up […]

True Leadership

How is a true leader defined? In many societies there are different factors that make up this definition. The dictionary describes a leader as a person who leads; who is a principal part of something such as the head of a group; one whose example is followed; a guide; a person who influences actions and […]