Mental Wellbeing

The term “Mental Wellness” implies having a sound mind. That may be a subjective term but in general it is regarded as having the ability to embrace life as it is and the acceptance of how life unfolds. Life is filled with unexpected challenges which may be received either positively or negatively. The choice is always there as to the manner in which we react to circumstances.  

Being able to develop a sense of gratitude for all that one faces, is no easy task. However, discovering that being grateful for small things that happen each day soon becomes a habit – a GOOD habit! To appreciate the happy times in life, we need to experience the unhappy occasions. To know abundance we need to experience lack. To appreciate joy when we are blessed with it, we would need to have experienced sorrow in one form or another. Life is always perfectly balancing out our experiences so that we can live in gratitude for what we are going through at any time. That is how we were made. We need to stop our addictive search or expectations of only happiness, abundance or love. We would stop appreciating or recognising any positive emotions or states if we were constantly living out those experiences.

Healing from past hurts will equip us for positive encounters in the future. By hanging on to and wallowing in our previously perceived negative experiences, we inhibit our present and future appreciation of how wonderful our life actually is. You have the ability to become lost in the wonder of a moment in time and that means that you have the ability to forget the past and not be concerned about the future. Stop looking back at what you feel are grievances and turn your attention to what is around you at this moment. Use all your senses and appreciate how good everything is right now.

BodyTalk can help your mind and body heal from hurtful past experiences and you can choose to remain centred in what is happening at each moment in your life. By doing this, you choose to truly live each moment and you will begin to create a memory bank of positive, healthy experiences. You are able to balance your perceptions and find peace within by asking yourself pertinent questions. You will discover that life is truly what you choose to see it as, and that you can find it a more charming place than you had ever imagined. There is always an ebb and flow just as we have the same patterns within ourselves. Everything is there in your life to equip you to grow into the beautiful human being that you were created to be.

Should you wish to have assistance to encourage your healing so that you can experience true Mental Wellness, please explore this website and make a booking by going to the Contacts page.

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