Winter is the time of year when we forget to look at the beauty that still surrounds us. Most of us stay huddled up indoors and do not feel that the familiar warmth of the sunlight. We forget to notice the rainbow colours in the bits of frost on a fence when the early morning rays touch them. We do not observe the animals and how they follow the spots where the most warmth is felt during the day. We do not interact with others as often as we did in the summer.

With the lack on company and sunlight, we do not feel as joyful as we did during summer. We could use this time to become more introspective and aware of our own self. We could use the time to readjust some goals and assess our values. We could test to ascertain whether our values match our goals and find ways to accomplish this. Some of us just use this magical, quieter time to wither away into a pitiful heap of sadness over our (seemimgly) overwhelming circumstances.

Depression is a blanket term that has been abused by many people to find a way to attain medicine to obliterate any useful thoughts and hide away to hibernate for the colder months. It is a term that gains one entrance to a couch in a psychologists room to wallow in misery, so that one can return many times to enjoy the sympathy that is hired.

Depression means that you are kept down, so the remedy for it is to lift your self up and out of the circumstances that are seen to be the cause of it all. From a more objective viewpoint, break the problem up into more manageable chunks as you would if you were setting yourself a goal. Ask yourself why you feel negatively affected by the cause of your problem. Ask yourself how you can overcome it. This is done by sitting quietly with your self to listen to how you answer your questions. You will be surprised to know that you do have all the answers.

People are amazed by many things in this world. Look at pictures of the wonders of nature and you will feel something positive rising up inside your being. Observe children playing and you will feel love for humanity and yourself as you recognize yourself in their free, abundant joy at just living. Watch pets, such as dogs, playing in a park or in their own gardens and know that their acceptance of  and gratefulness for life  is as much as your own, and that you too can experience zest for living.

You are able to overcome and you are meant to exist in joy. Your task is to feed that joy so that you can experience warmth within you when the air is cold outside. You can rest, hibernate and refuel, but you must also review and renew to maintain your spirit and keep it inspired. When you are faced with dark thoughts, think of the most joyful times of your life and put your imagination back to those times to fill your spirit with joy. When you feel that it is too difficult to go on, just make yourself small goals. For example, tell yourself that you will phone a friend in one hour. Visit a friend or invite one over. Do a good deed for someone else or just listen to their story. Give yourself a task of feeding a pet or watching a comedy TV show at a certain time. Before you know it, the helpless feeling will have passed, and you will feel yourself strengthened. The choice for your feelings is up to you. You have the power to make sound, worthy choices which can keep you from sinking into depression.  You can rise above your circumstances.  At YVEHER you can receive guidance, healing and support for symptoms of depression with Gentle Healing. Go to the ‘Contact’ page and book your unique session.

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