Learning Challenges

Everyone is exposed to some form of challenge during their lives. It is how one manages, and overcomes, these so-called challenges that makes the difference to who we are afterwards.

Learning challenges can be seen as obstacles, mountains, and unwanted circumstances requiring some form of personal change. This often means that growth is about to take place as this is how humans develop as individuals. No two people experience challenges in the same way in their lives.

That implies that there are no exact patterns set down to approach a learning challenge. This means that each person will apply their own creative ability to meet the new circumstance. This is always successful, as each person is aware of their strengths and values. These are used as tools to study the varied aspects of the challenge and plan practical, attainable methods to make it more manageable.

Age is not a factor in meeting challenges. The younger one is, the easier it is to cope. Children are still in touch with the innate curiosity of human nature, and they are eager to discover solutions using their own tools. They thrive in situations where they are required to ponder and explore new paths to unraveling their experiences. Children are great examples to everyone else because their attitude is so positive and they come to any situation with a fresh mind. They see the world as an exciting place of discovery. They want to discover who they are as a person and they achieve this by observing how they function in each situation. They are extremely resilient and they approach life with unconditional love and acceptance of circumstance.

A learning challenge is a perceived obstacle to learning about a particular area or subject. This may have been imposed on a person by an institution or by another person. Every person can solve any problem, given the circumstances to thrive and once they are made aware of their own infinite abilities. All children can, and do, focus on a variety of things that are of interest and value to them. They enjoy humour and cartoons, action and fun. Find out what it is that drives them and you will help them to find the motivation to renew their interest in more mundane situations. Allow them to create and be open to their original solutions. They may discover a new way to perceive something in a different light, with no influence from a jaded world, just that of a pure human being.

There are only opportunities for growth, and every perceived learning challenge is just that. Reach out with both hands and embrace it. Find out how to align your values and interests to it, and be amazed at the way that your mind will come alive. You will grow while achieving beyond your expectations and dreams!

YVEHER will assist you in reaching your goals. You will be shown how to align your strengths with your goals. Your age is not important as all clients, from children to adults, are catered for. THE BRAIN TRAIN is a specialised set of movements to help you be calm and think clearly, and is another strategy to apply to improve focus and achievements. Click on ‘Services’ at the top of this page, scroll down to the area you would like to have some guidance with and contact YVEHER.

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