Wellbeing has many definitions. Generally, it is seen as the ability to thrive in the environment that a person chooses to live, to feel energetic and happy. Being well is to feel your body vibrate with all its organs, systems and endocrines working in harmonious, intrinsic synchronicity.

When your body reacts to emotional circumstances, it sets off a variety of responses within all the systems. With continued stress or trauma, the emotions are stored at cellular level and this causes the body dis-ease as it is out of sync. The immune system will struggle to respond appropriately, and the stored emotions can result in a depressed state. In the society we live in today, we are exposed to many forms of stress, as well as radiation and confusing mass thoughts. At times, we seem to be directionless, waiting via the media for the next “thrill” or “event” to focus on.  Most people are aware of what they eat and make an effort to nurture their bodies. However, when a body is under stress, it is in a flight/fight mode and often cannot make use of nutrients and vitamins as it would in different circumstances.

The body is perfectly made and is capable of restoring its equilibrium for health. Every part of the body is in continuous communication with every other part and conversely, every part has an effect on every other part. Sometimes the communication blockages caused by our lifestyles interfere with the harmony the body needs to work at optimum levels. At YVEHER, gentle, natural healing modalities are used to help your body to regain intrinsic synchronicity so that it can focus on the healing, adapting, recovering and developing that it is preprogrammed to do.

YVEHER uses energy healing as well as emotional healing, while supplying the client with tools to cope with and own their recovery. The body and mind are gently guided to heal from a wide variety of “out-of-synchronicity” states, and the client leaves relaxed, with a sense of improved wellbeing and positive motivation to go forward into complete recovery. States of dis-ease that are addressed include all health problems, addictions, learning challenges and misguided perceptions.

Your body was made to work in its own perfect synchronicity and it uses a state of dis-ease to communicate breakdowns that need to be addressed to achieve your state of wellbeing.

Contact YVEHER and experience a real GENTLE HEALING process where your body is able to orchestrate its order of priorities to heal intrinsically.

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