The art of being completely in “the flow” of life – a place where you know that you are doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons and that you are fulfilling your natural destiny by using your innate talents.  The Oxford Dictionary describes joy as “a deep emotion of pleasure, gladness.”

Everyone is capable of living this out in their lives. Children are the most natural human beings to observe participating in this activity. They satisfy their inherent instincts to grow and follow their curiosity, embracing and enjoying every moment of the adventure along the way. They discover themselves at the same time and are filled with the satisfaction that comes from being grateful and content with where they are at any given moment.

You can rediscover your own place to flourish by looking at your life from another aspect. You do not need any artificial means to “cope” with your life. You have everything waiting for you to discover within you. Everything in your life is as it should be at any given moment. You are able to overcome and survive because that is how you are created.

Perhaps you may not be aware of your talents, or you may have been disillusioned by what you have experienced. When your life seems to have taken a detour from what you thought it would be, take stock and look at what it is that you have learnt. To appreciate all that you are, attend a workshop by YVEHER.  You will be surprised at how amazing your life is and can be.

You deserve to live in JOY!

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