Young adults can achieve their first steps towards their future today! Participation in an YVEHER workshop or session will enable the discovery of individual talents and unique personal values. These can be used to set up various goals and start the realization of dreams.

Many teenagers face challenges from all areas of life. When they are given tools to overcome peer pressure and be their own leader, they are able to make wiser decisions based on how they relate different aspects of their lives. YVEHER presents workshops for schools to help address needs in each specific area of life.

Young adults are filled with the sense of adventure that becoming independent promises to be. How they approach this stage of their lives is an obvious concern for parents, teachers and community leaders. This is an age when there are many changes going on, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Every young person deserves to have some tools to use as measuring guides for making decisions.  As they discover in an YVEHER workshop, every choice is important and it has far-reaching effects. In the fast-paced world that they are faced with, strong personal boundaries are a compulsory part of an unfamiliar stage. These will ensure that each choice has a solid base. Every person is an individual and comes from a complex background of home, school and life environments. When they are placed into a situation where there are many young people at varying stages of becoming who they are going to be one day, some issues and conflicts may arise which can have negative self-esteem results. YVEHER workshops present young adults with a different aspect of how to handle situations and come out of them unscathed.

Should you wish to participate in a workshop or an individual session, please click on “Services” and make your choice for an informed, successful future.

Acknowledge your gifts talents and begin your path to your INTRINSIC SUCCESS!

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