Empower your child!

Every child can have a happy and fulfilled life at school. Learning is a natural ability that they are born with. Curiosity is part of a child’s daily world. Every child has unique talents and abilities to create his or her world that he or she needs in order to grow towards what they were born to become.

Many children are denied their own identities and are held back from their inherent hunger for new discoveries, and are presented with content that is not applicable to their realities. At YVEHER, children are guided to find out their own values and talents, so that they can help themselves to make anything become interesting in their eyes. It is a simple and innovative approach, and it changes the whole attitude towards what is done in the classroom. YVEHER runs workshops to empower teachers with these tools so that their classrooms can be vibrant learning areas.

Many of the difficulties that children experience with reading or mathematics are able to be approached from different aspects and, with the correct tools for each child, can be addressed in a positive, child-friendly manner.

Challenges are part of finding ways to thrive in life. Always remember that your child is an individual with a specific identity. With this in mind, YVEHER has developed a series of easily learnt exercises which are presented in a playful situation. Children do learn through play and they enjoy laughing and finding out that they can achieve. When they attend an YVEHER session, they feel empowered, relaxed and happy. All the exercises are taught so that the children can use them in any situation and at any time in their lives.

The exercises are applicable to children from 5 years to 12 years.

An improvement in two to three weeks has been noted by teachers and parents of the children attending “THE BRAIN TRAIN”. You can find out more or book your child’s space by clicking on the “Services” link, then on “Children”.

Put the privilege of learning back into your child’s hands.

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