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Young adults can achieve their first steps towards their future today! Participation in an YVEHER workshop or session will enable the discovery of individual talents and unique personal values. These can be used to set up various goals and start the realization of dreams. Many teenagers face challenges from all areas of life. When they are […]

Empower your child!

Every child can have a happy and fulfilled life at school. Learning is a natural ability that they are born with. Curiosity is part of a child’s daily world. Every child has unique talents and abilities to create his or her world that he or she needs in order to grow towards what they were […]


The art of being completely in “the flow” of life – a place where you know that you are doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons and that you are fulfilling your natural destiny by using your innate talents.  The Oxford Dictionary describes joy as “a deep emotion of pleasure, […]